Big-data solution designed to find opportunity

What needs to be done to create new opportunity for our business, is a question CEO's and senior executives seek answers to. Leadership also has to find answers to unexpected business dilemmas.

Answers to these questions cannot be found in data about what has been done so far or how business is normally run. The answers must come from looking at facts about what drives markets and clients today and the most likely scenario for the future. We created a big-data solution that look at the facts behind why a company succeeded in the past. We then model the proven capabilities and analyse how they fit with new market and client needs.


What you get

The output of the analysis is designed to provide practical answers to the question “what needs to be done now?”, with very specific actionable recommendations to align the organisation with new opportunities. We have successfully applied big-data solutions on the following areas of opportunity:

  • productivity analysis and improvement
  • workforce and capital allocation
  • human capital risk analysis and mitigation
  • skills gaps, talent demand-supply analysis and hotspots identification
  • market growth and workforce fundamentals analysis and alignment
  • business and plant benchmarking at macro, meso and micro level
  • opportunity driven organizational, leadership and talent development

Based on comprehensive analysis of past performance we create mathematical models and easy to use visual tools that help executives spot trends and improve forecastability of their business.

Your business is unique hence so is your solution

Because each business is unique, each business case is created with business and market specific data to answer “what needs to be done next?”. Business and markets are more complex than ever. Big-data solutions can deal with the enormous variety of external data and company factors, to identify patterns by asking the question what, and follow-up with why.

What we deliver and how:

Our clients can choose to run their big-data solution secure in the cloud or on their own enterprise servers behind a firewall. Each client decides who is authorized to work on which part of the data and reporting. Clients can largely conduct their own scenario analysis, ask us to collaborate with their teams or we deliver a turn-key solution.

What we try to do best when we work for our clients:

Global Arena engagements are designed to guide our clients through situations where time to prepare decisions is short, uncertainty due to lack of facts and data is significant and business and personal risk exposure is high.

We typically deliver our results in the following pace:

  • first sketch of opportunity areas within 10 days
  • detailed findings within 4 weeks
  • innovative interactive analysis and reporting solution within 2 months

What else:

We provide training and development to help you get started and achieve value:

  • First, to show our clients how they could get value from big-data
  • Second; how they could translate the findings of our analysis into action
  • Third, how to use the findings as a driver for change

We provide support and ongoing data maintenance services to secure data accuracy and keep your data fresh.


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