Usage Agreement

1. Applicability of this Usage Agreement


    1.1 This Usage Agreement is applicable to all services and information provided by Global Arena (hereinafter also referred to as “provider”).

    1.2 By accessing and/or using this website, you agree to comply with all the terms and conditions of this Usage Agreement between you and the provider, regardless of your place of business. Diverging terms and conditions are not accepted.

    1.3 In the case of any provision of this agreement being/becoming invalid or the contract being incomplete, the remaining provisions retain their validity.

    1.4 Global Arena reserves the right to change the content of this Usage Agreement at any time. Changes will be communicated on the Global Arena website. If the client does not object within 30 days, the modified Usage Agreement will be effective after this period. If the client objects to this agreement he will no longer be entitled to use the services of Global Arena.

2. Object of Agreement


    2.1 The service provided by Global Arena aims at bringing together investors and locations via the Internet. Global Arena provides business-intelligence required by both businesses and governments.

    2.2 In particular, Global Arena provides the following services:

    a) Global Arena Search, a feature that enables users to evaluate complex location information according to economic and social decision criteria.

    b) Global Arena Consultancy to develop location strategies and select locations for businesses as well as to develop economic locations.

    2.3 Some of the services are subject to charge. In this case, you will be advised of the cost before you make use of such a service. Any service subject to charge can only be employed upon payment.

    2.4 Global Arena reserves the right to discontinue or change any part of its service without prior notice. This includes the restriction of a client’s access to the service in part or as a whole.

    2.5 The services provided are open to businesses as well as governments. However, the provider addresses its service not to consumers.

3. Obligations of the User


    3.1 Content of the registration and the information made available on the user profile are the client’s sole responsibility. All data provided by the user must correspond to the truth. Misinterpretations given intentionally and/or for the purpose of deception can lead to legal measures and will cause an immediate termination of contract.

    3.2 The client agrees not to misuse the service provided by Global Arena. In particular the client must not

    a) upload or transmit data containing a software virus or any similar software that may in other ways impair the functionality of the Global Arena website or Global Arena’s or any other computer.

    b) upload or transmit material protected by copyright law unless the client owns the rights thereto or possesses all necessary consent.

    c) distribute defamatory, objectionable or otherwise unlawful material.

    d) infringe upon other’s legal rights, including their personal rights.

    3.3 All content and services on the Global Arena website are protected by copyrights owned by either Global Arena or the third party providing a specific content. The client must not exploit (including but not limited to modify, publish or distribute) any of the services and/or the content of the Global Arena website.

    3.4 Non-observance of the aforementioned user-obligations entitles the provider to terminate the contract without notice. Civil and criminal liability remains reserved.

4. Limitation of Liability and Guarantee of the Provider


    4.1 The provider can only be held liable for any loss, financial or other, that can be associated with its service, if its agents, personnel or assistants have acted with intent or grossly negligent and only as far as Global Arena has contributed to the occurrence of the damage in question. This liability is limited to immediate and foreseeable damages.

    4.2 Global Arena does not accept liability for delays in the transmission of data or system failure. The guarantee for constant availability or uninterrupted usability of the service is excluded to the extent permissible.

    4.3 Global Arena is only responsible for providing business-intelligence and for making available a platform that enables its users to establish contact. Exceeding success is expressly not guaranteed.

    4.4 It can not be ruled out that any user or third person may use this service improperly or unlawfully. The provider does not accept liability in these cases. In particular, Global Arena can not be held responsible for false data in the user profiles.

    4.5 Global Arena does not guarantee that its services are consistent with any applicable laws in any respective jurisdiction outside Switzerland. Hence the service of Global Arena is expressly not offered to clients subject to any jurisdiction that prohibits such offering as a whole or in part.

5. Links to third party Websites


    5.1 Global Arena provides links to other websites. This does not mean that Global Arena is affiliated with the third party providing that website.

    5.2 The content of these websites is not controlled by Global Arena. In particular, the provider does not verify if any given third-party website is in compliance with legal provisions. Access to any third-party website linked to the Global Arena website is at the client’s own risk.

6. Termination


    6.1 Both client and provider may terminate the contract at any time with immediate effect.

    6.2 Any client who terminates the contract, has to bear all expenses already caused by them. Refund of already made payment can not be claimed.

    6.3 Upon termination of the contract, Global Arena erases all client data except such data needed for the purpose of later evidence in case of an unlawful act of the client.

    6.4 Global Arena reserves the right to suspend its services completely or partially or to delegate it to another provider. If the services are not continued or if the contract is terminated without the client’s fault, advance payments will be refunded pro rata. Damages for lost profit or unnecessary expenses can not be claimed.

7. Jurisdiction and Applicable Law


    7.1 The courts at the domicile of Global Arena have jurisdiction to settle any dispute which may arise in connection with this Usage Agreement. In addition, the provider may sue at the client’s domicile.

    7.2 This Agreement and the entire legal relations between the client and Global Arena will be governed by Swiss law.